My Food & Me

boo-loves-baking-aboutSo I thought as this is my new blog that I really should start from the beginning (eek – please be kind!). No luckily for you not right at the beginning of my life but the beginning of my clean-lifestyle affair. Where did it all begin?!

…New Year 2015, I decided for the first time ever to make a resolution – wow! Previously I didn’t understand the point of promising to do something that in your heart of hearts you knew you wouldn’t stick to. I’m pretty stubborn (when I want to be) and when I decide to do something that’s what I do.

So what was the resolution?

I didn’t opt for the generic “get fit“, “eat more fruit and vegetables” or “start a new hobby” that I hear year in year out – that are typically over before January ends! Instead I decided to build my knowledge in order to make small and sustainable changes to my lifestyle. I had absolutely no idea where it would lead me but all I knew was that I wanted to feel better within myself – and most importantly healthy!

In December 2014 running up to Christmas I kept allowing myself indulgence after indulgence – food decisions by this point had been pre-programmed into me. We’ve all okay-ed this behavior by telling ourselves that it’s okay to feed yourself within an inch of your life over the Christmas period; and by the way that’s the period that lasts from November when the first Christmas party hits until mid-January when we’ve just about polished off the masses in our fridges! At this point I should point out… I felt “heavy“. The food was weighing me down inside and slowly I was determined to change.

So my journey began and I hope to bring you along with me to join in my experiences and to share your own :-)

Boo x